Austin Answers Houston Disaster with Bass and Love: 12th Planet and Friends

This Summer, Austin proved its love, deeply and proudly, as the great hearts of our electronic community raised over $7500 toward the Houston relief fund.  12th Planet got manic behind the decks at Vulcan Gas Company with support from Bailo, Grime Tribe, Bird Peterson, and special guest, Crizzly.  Together these talented artists brought the house down in the most endearing of ways.  Complimenting this selflessness, the Austin electronic community appeared in droves to support the Houston people as desperation climbs each and every day.

The masses came and packed Vulcan Gas Company to the brim.  It was truly a night that embodied the profound care and humanity we all share together.  The power of love greatly transcended the taboo of raging on a week night as the beautiful souls of bass and rhythm collectively danced the night away in a manner that only a fan of heavy electronic tunes may understand.

 Like a close family, the stage was a busy conglomerate of cheerful souls performing their pieces together, seamlessly.  Answering these coordinators of jest and jive were the savage creatures of the night- the loving workers of the day, together an unstoppable momentum for good.

Sweating and raging the night away in a timely-choreographed procession of neck-breaking headbanging, the dance floor was writhing. It was a prophetic exchange between selector and audience.  The whole establishment was pounding from top to bottom with all of those wishing to administer love to our fellow Texans in dire need of all the help they can get. And that’s exactly what they did. The air carried a sentimentality beyond the saturated commercialism so often curated at local electronic events.  Alas, this fateful Wednesday, financial gain was the last thing on anyone’s minds.

The walls echoed a previous era of clubbing, lost in the midst of a since-grown lust for revenue.  The DJs were not only a paid component of the evening, no, they were a warm complement to crowd and Austin culture that sought to better our society by performing and dancing equally and with equal intentions at heart.  As most shows are an experience, they have an underlying flavor of commercial gain, however that was not the case this particular evening.

With tickets sold at bare-minimum price and the promise of an unforgettable night, it wasn’t hard to believe the unending affection and respect that each person had for one another as the mutual understanding of a beneficial cause united everyone under sounds that mere mortals should only hear in their worst nightmares and wildest dreams.  Such is the case with Austin’s growing riddim scene, not to mention the legendary sounds put out time and time again by theworld’s beloved 12th Planet.  Back-to-back, the lads twisted, chopped, and faded the night onward into a righteous oblivion, leaving it all on the field in a high-octane display of ecstasy and passion.

Ending the night, a calculated $7500 was raised by none other than the beautiful patrons of Austin’s local electronic community, growing in size and friendship each and every day.

It is no secret the special bond shared by everyone who attended that evening and all of those whose thoughts were with Houston that night.  The future is determined by efforts and action.  To no one’s surprise, Austin answered in many ways to the travesty of Houston’s current devastation, this event was only one of them. What an event it was!

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Houston and its neighboring towns as we hold tight and stay vigilant to help those in need.  This event will forever reflect the virtues we hold close to us as fellow humans in the State of Texas.